various misc stuff related to the DGMO organization!

In an effort to reduce the barriers to keeping this up-to-date I've started blogging updates at http://randomtechmakings.blogspot.com/

Zone minder patches 

Various patches related to the ZoneMinder application. Mostly to do with improved motion detection.


Direction finding belt 

 From an idea mentioned elsewhere; a belt that vibrates on the side that's north, to give you a 'direction sense'.



Step 1. Microphone Array  A 4 element microphone array for beam forming. Intended to be used with the NGW100 AV32 board. 

Step 2. Do something with the received audio.

1-Wire circuits

Circuits and board to implement various 1-wire functions for home.

And suitable software for the NGW100 .

 Cheap SBCs 

Various cheap single board computers for hosting sensors.


My quest to find a reasonable size touch screen computer, that I can wall mount, with an ethernet interface, that's a reasonable size and price. (and no, paying ~ $2000 for a 4" screen is not reasonable! (aka the Clipsal CBUS junk) )

Touchscreen mockup of control for an 8.9" screen.

Highres Cheap Security Camera

IP security cameras tend to cost $700 and up for 640x480, low frame rate video. But you can buy a hand-held 1440x1080P @ 30fps cam-corder for < $200. Hmmm.

Better Cover for Sand Pit - 2008-Jun-22 

This is mostly a reminder than I need to make a proper cover for the kids sandpit.